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Infographic: What Keeps Employees Motivated?

If money doesn’t buy happiness, what does? For managers and human resources staff, this question can be complicated yet it is crucial to increasing productivity and satisfaction in their employees. In this infographic by Salesforce, we learn that employees want to be noticed, engaged with, as well as praised for their hard work (if they are in fact working hard!) In fact, 72% of the current workforce considers themselves to be disengaged, which translates into a $370 Billion dollar annual productivity loss in the U.S. due to this disengagement.

Managers: start paying attention, and your employees will respond! Learn more below.


This infographic is about Salesforce Rypple. If you remember about a year ago, Salesforce acquired Rypple (the social performance platform), to tap market segments like employee and talent management. Now the CRM giant is launching Rypple, under the name