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Freelance Jobs: Ironing Way For Difficult Customers

In every job where you have to deal with people, you cannot avoid encountering difficult clients. They usually pose an arduous and tough test for the employee. The common concept of difficult clients is usually those clients who ask so many questions and complaints.

In freelance jobs, it makes the task even more challenging. As a freelance worker, how would you handle customers like these? One cannot simply avoid them and drop them from the client list because in doing so, you might end up not having any client.

You must face them and take them on. This article is intended to inform and discuss to you the different ways to handle, deal with them and be familiar with their real intent and needs. Below are some of important tips that you might consider in dealing with difficult clients by knowing their traits:

1. Difficult clients frequently change their specifications from time to time. They are those who can’t decide at once.

2. Difficult clients would say they trust you but back on their mind they have doubts.

3. Difficult clients would make unnecessary follow ups from time to time through e-mails and phone calls.

4. Difficult clients always want an updates of their transactions. They will bug you for updates once every 5 days or sometimes even on a daily basis.

5. Difficult clients would complain for the fees that you are asking them followed by the line “I should have hired others to perform the project”.

6. Difficult clients will point out repeatedly those things that you have done correctly, but could have done better.

7. Difficult clients normally criticize your work done.

8. Difficult clients usually answer that they are busy when you require them to give needed information. They want you to feel that you must go after them.

9. Difficult clients wanted to control how the work is to be done although they already delegated to you the work as a real expert.

10. Difficult clients usually want to let you feel that you will need them and that you cannot gain much without them. They will always point that out to you.

After knowing their traits, if you are involve in a freelancer jobs in addition to your day job, how would you then handle them? Below are some points to consider:

1. Keep a record of every transactions and interactions you have with your clients. Put a date and specific subject of your transaction.

2. Create a particular method on how you deal with all clients and never to break it just to oblige for a few.

3. Be an authoritative person. Be firm. Don’t show any weak personality that would break any trust from your client.

4. Sometimes you have the right to refuse clients who you assessed to be difficult clients in order to avoid wasted transaction.

Other than these simple bits of information that you may use to arm yourselves in dealing with difficult clients, always keep in mind that your customers, however difficult they are, can recommend another client for you. Customer service shall always be your primary concern.

Freelancing is good career, qualified freelancers are always in demand and the add a great value to offshore outsourcing industry.

Essentials in Making Your Freelance Schedule

Freelancing is a self-employed individual who pursues a profession without any long-term commitment to a particular employer. It is much flexible compared to any other job that requires a lot of physical involvement and that’s why many people are taking a switch to it.

However, many people who don’t have enough experience in freelancing find it hard to manage their schedules. Without proper time management, it is quite difficult for a novice freelancer to finish the work in a timely fashion. Following tips on how to get a proper time schedule will help every freelance get the job done on time.

1. Manage Your Time

It is important for every freelancer to track the time they’ve spent and how much money they have earned on it. A Freelancer who charges their clients in every project must consider the amount of time they’ve spent to know if they are earning or not. Working in increments has a lot of benefits, it makes your working habit more flexible and enables you to do more things than you can imagine. Managing your time will make your schedule in an orderly manner and will enable you to more efficiently.

Setting your mind in an increment manner can make your project scheduling simpler. It allows every freelancer to avoid overbooking thus maximizing his or her work schedules.

2. Work on Your Most Comfortable Time

Freelancers must recognize their best working hours. It enables every freelancer work in their most comfortable time and can make a huge difference in to the quality and quantity of the work. It sets up your mood and modifies your working habit. If you work conveniently, the result would be more impressing than working on your less comfortable time. Working in your most productive hour can really be hard, but it’s worth it.

3. Have Enough Time for Your Clients

Almost every freelance have to spend some of their time communicating with their clients, it may be on a phone conversation, personal meetings or through the internet. Freelancers are likely not that productive to those hours when they handle their clients and are less likely to get a lot of works done. Client meetings can be held on those hours when you work conveniently and parts of the day where you could have done so much work.

Freelancer should schedule meeting with their clients on their least comfortable time. If you are comfortable working in the morning, then set your meeting in the afternoon. If you are comfortable working on Monday, Wednesday and or Friday, then set your client meetings on Thursday or on Friday. This will help a lot of freelancer especially when they are doing a lot of work in a day. But if clients are not available during those hours or days, then set your meeting in a less productive hour if possible.

4. Have a Systematic Scheduling

Freelancing usually requires a lot of time. They work in different days and hours and do not have the time to manage the administrative aspect of the business. It is advisable to use tools to make each part of the job easier. Having tools enables every freelance worker to have an automatic schedule that lets you get back to whatever you were doing.

There are sheer numbers of web application for different scheduling task. There are a lot of tools on the internet that would best suite your need, like BookFresh, it allows clients schedule their meetings with you without getting to worry about you availability and other factors.

Being systematic in freelancing is important, you can easily change your schedule if you have something important to do but be sure to inform your clients about it.

Ways to Save Money on Your Freelancer

Many people hire freelance workers to complete a project-based work, but some contractors also consider the price. It is important for clients to look for a freelancer that would complete your project in an affordable way.

There are numerous advantages of being a solo worker and ways to optimize the cost is doing so. You can save more money on your freelancer by following these tips.

1. Assign More Projects

If you have a lot of projects that needs to be done, consider giving the freelancer dibs on all of it. They may give you discounts for giving them a lot steady projects which is in priceless for a freelancer.

But do not try to provoke them in to giving you discount by telling them that there will be more projects for them. It is okay to mention that other projects are waiting but do not expect to get a discount out of it.

Freelancers’ lives in taking projects, so if you are promising more work in order to get a discount, forget about it. They have likely heard that story before

2. Try to Bargain

Some contractors may balk at the though of their rates as the second guessed, it is okay to ask or bargain if they can do anything about it. One way in getting a better offer is to pay them in cash rather than check if they are open to that.

If you also have free products and services you’d like to give them free, you can do that as well. Many freelancers are open to perks that will bring their rates down for say, a free products or free membership to a particular company.

This may seem like bribing, but these can be very effective. Don’t overdo bargaining. Search on the industry rates for freelance professionals to know the range to expect.

If you get a bid that qualifies within your budget, you can always ask or request for discount. If the freelancer refuses, try considering whether he is worthy for the money or simply look elsewhere.

3. Ask to Include Revisions in the Deal

One way to lower down your fees on a project is to ask for revisions to be included as a part of the deal. A lot of freelancers charge additional fees for extra touch-ups and they never know how long it will take to finish the project. Instead, try to negotiate and ask for revisions to be included in the deal.

You may not be able to use it at all if the project comes out instantly, but there is a chance that you’ll want the project to be revised. Revisions can be asked for up to two rounds and after it, it’s going to an extra pay.

You can save a lot of money on the revision process so be sure to ask for it. It will save you more money on the revision process of your project.

4. Give Them Time

Contractors usually charge two things extra. It is for rush jobs and nasty clients. In addition, try to give the freelancer enough time to finish the job. If you have a lot of projects on your desk waiting for weeks and expect it to be done in just a day or two, then that’s not fair without giving a rush project fee.

It is advisable to avoid rush project and fees, it will only cost you too much and might affect the quality of the freelancers work. But be sure to set deadlines with the freelancer to keep things moving swiftly.

5. Be Decent

You’ll be surprised on how much further you get with being polite. Freelancers are more apt to give discounts off a quote or provide free editing because you are easy to work with. Having a good working environment enables you have a good working relationship with your freelancer that build rapport which can result into saving a lot of money.

Is Freelance Writing The Job For You?

One of the jobs that attract people today is freelance writing.  A lot of people get drawn to the idea of being a freelance writer but only a few get to actually do it. Most of them back out due to fears of being inadequate for the job of freelance writing. A lot of people feel inadequate or under qualified to be one.

What does it actually take for one to be a freelance writer? Is there any special requirement or consideration?

There are just two things to consider for one to determine if they are fit to be a freelance writer:

1. Is your writing clear and understandable?

2. Do you have prior experience on the task?

Clear and understandable writing is a task most people can do. One need not have a Journalism or Communication degree to be able to produce articles that are comprehensible. Basic writing competencies are taught in any course and are not exclusive for writing-based courses. There is no writing style that one needs to be especially good at to be qualified in this field. If you do not hold a diploma on a writing-associated course, do not feel inadequate if your writing skills are good.

Experience is not a huge issue in freelance writing. Topics on this field vary widely and the writer may even choose writing for certain aspects where he is quite familiar with. You do not need to be an expert at every query that clients have. If you are patient, hard working and have good research skills, unfamiliar topics will be a clinch.

Now that a lot of you have realized that you actually have potential and future in this freelance writing service, you can now start your dream.

a.      Create your website.

b.      Make an attractive “About-Me” home page

c.       Produce a page with your sample write-ups

d.      Produce a page stating the services you can offer as a freelance writer

Your website is your access to the world. Your customers can know you easily if you advertise yourself as a freelance writer. The easiest and fastest way to have access to your potential customers is through the internet.

An “about-me” page tells your prospective clients your qualifications. It must not look like a resume. Remember you are not submitting yourself for a job interview. The “about-me” page should be professional looking and must leave the impression that you are fit for the task that your clients want.

Then, proceed to make a page with samples of your compositions. These write-ups do not necessarily have to be published articles. However, you should choose articles which show clearness in your style, tone, impression and excellent grammar.

Finally, create a page showing the types of services you can offer. This would enable your clients to know if you are really the freelance writer they need. If you are in a certain profession, you might want to add this to attract customers who need services related to your field.

Freelance writing could be the best job for you. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be one.