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Move Down the Career Ladder

You are tired of being at the top. You love your place of work but the responsibilities are beginning to wear on you .You don’t want to leave the business you work for yet to remain in your current position just is not going to work any longer for you. So what do you do? You decide to ask for a demotion. It makes sense and if you are honest with your employer, many will appreciate the honesty and gladly allow you to move further down the career ladder.

Here are some tips for moving down the career ladder. One of things you will need to realize with the demotion will sometimes come a cut in pay. Can you financially afford to make less money? If you can then you are part of the way there to making your move down the career ladder.

You already know your current job is stressful and very time consuming. The move down to be demoted will provide less stress and more flexibility to your daily routine on the job. Yet before you make the choice to be demoted, find out if you can transfer laterally to a different position within the company with less responsibility and more flexibility. This may be an option to consider. Yet you may also decide against this option.

Before you ask for the demotion, find a job within the company you would like to do. Maybe you will have to leave the company to find the right job so be prepared for this option also. Yet don’t be discouraged, you will find the right job you desire. You may consider taking a part-time job in the interim of finding a different job if you are to the point where you just can’t make yourself go to work anymore due to the stress. You can also decide to start your own business and work out of the home. Both options will mean a cut in pay and maybe even more changes in your life than you are ready to take on. Think seriously how each would affect your life before doing either option.

Get out your resume and update it. Highlight your skills on the resume so you will shine to the prospective employers. This is the time to reflect on what you want to do for a job instead of the prior job experiences. If you are moving down the career ladder, refrain from management positions by removing any wording referring to management and supervisory positions. Take yourself out of the management pool and into the job field of the other employees.

Revamp your cover letter also. Do the same techniques regarding the management and supervisory experience and duties. Make it a less critical position and you will attract the employers seeking an employee you want to be. Remember to be honest with prospective employers when they ask why you are seeking a lower level position. Tell them the truth. Chances are you will be hired for your honesty and integrity. Employers love honest employees and you have just made a great impression by being honest when most people would have thought of a lie instead.

Moving down the career ladder is something many people do to avoid becoming burnt out with their job. Make the wise career choice and leave your position when you feel yourself starting to experience the burnout.

How to tell if it is time to change careers or a job

One of the best signs you are need a change of career or job is when you just cannot make yourself get up in the morning to go to work. You dread facing another day at work and you just can’t find it in yourself to even concentrate one more day on the things you have to do at work. Well, don’t be hard on yourself; you are not alone in the workforce. Many people suffer from the same thing and decide to make a job or career change to spice up their lives.

The question you ask yourself is what to do if you are thinking about changing careers. Do you want to go into a new career or do you just need to change jobs? Knowing the answer is not always easy so take time to seriously think about why you want to leave your present job.

Are you bored or just no longer interested in the work you do every day? If you are bored or no longer interested, then the chances are you need to change your career. You need to find a job that will hold your interest and be something you do enjoy doing daily.

The next step is think of what you want to do. To find the solution to this quest use the internet to seek the new careers. The internet is filled with options of the numerous career choices. The variety of careers is unlimited with all the different divisions of the major careers. Some will require additional education yet to take the time to improve your chances of finding a more enjoyable and fulfilling career is worth the time you invest in additional education.

You may have enough current experience to locate a different job in the same field. Maybe your current job is boring but another job at a different company will provide the mental stimulation you are craving. Different jobs have different requirements for each employee. Maybe you were just at the highest level you could be at your current job, or maybe you were just in the wrong department within your career field.

For example, you have been working in the payroll department for over ten years processing payroll. You may decide to find a job where you are a supervisor or manager. This role in the payroll career is different than processing the payroll.

You will be responsible for the employees and are their managers guaranteeing they perform all of their work duties. You are the superior and have the responsibility to make sure the work is completed as needed. This may be the cause of your current boredom, you do not have a challenge but becoming a manager or supervisor will provide a new challenge where you will enjoy your career.

Take the time to evaluate why you are not happy with your current job. Find the reasons and take the needed steps to be happy with your career.

Teaching Careers

The career of teaching is a highly prestigious career. It is the one career that shapes the children for the future by adding many important factors to their lives. The teacher is the one who takes the uneducated child and shapes them into the productive citizen of tomorrow by providing the essential tools to expand their knowledge and build on their desires to increase their knowledge.

Teachers show children many things during their years in school they need by gently guiding and encouraging the child to explore many facets of life. Without teachers, the world lack the least acknowledge detail of the child’s development and learning.

Teachers are a special breed of individuals. They want to share with their student’s knowledge and watch the delight in the student’s eyes when they get to experience something new. The teacher is the one who exposes the children many facts in life they badly need and desire. That is why teachers are called educators.

There are different levels for a teacher. They can teach elementary education, which is kindergartner to twelfth grade. The college professor expands the knowledge of the young adult and creates the professional of tomorrow. Both are essential parts of the educational system. Both are responsible for the crucial development of every child or adult. Both have seriously responsible duties and both are great careers that will be in existence for many years to come.

To be a teacher, a four-year degree is required. There are many varieties of specialty teaching degrees including history, mathematical, science, business, English, middle school education, special education, and social studies. These are only part of the specialty sectors but this is the basic groups. For the college profession, they are required to have a master’s degree and specialty designed for the class they are instructing.

With the demand for teachers, the demand for colleges and universities has increased. There are the standard universities and colleges with campuses. There are online universities providing the same quality education so the students can attend class more flexible allowing the student to also maintain full-time employment while obtaining their further education.

Studies show the enrollment for students in the teacher field is at a high currently. This means there will be plenty of teachers to meet the demands of the educational system. Nevertheless, even with the amount of current students enrolled in college, there will continue to be a demand for more and more teachers in the future. As the population continues to grow, so will the need for the teachers.

Becoming a teacher is a fulfilling career for anyone that enjoys sharing a terrific learning experience with young eager minds. It is one career that will continue to expand due to the ever-changing society and the demands for newer methods to teach.

Physical Therapist Careers

Physical therapists help patients and individuals affected with conditions or injuries recover from the incidents. They help with fractures, head injuries, low-back pain, car accidents, and surgical procedures. The therapist helps the patients recover or restore the function to the affected areas of the bodies. They maintain, promote, and restore the overall fitness and health to many by providing a specialized service.

The physical therapists are highly trained professionals that specialize in different areas of rehabilitation based on the chosen field of study. They must attend a four-year college then additional training in their specialized field.

Due to the amount of schooling these individuals acquire they also have knowledge of different aspects in the medical field such as biology, chemistry, physics, and neuroanatomy as well as human growth, and development. To become a physical therapist, the individuals must pass a state exam to obtain their licenses. They are also required to take continue education and workshops.

The need for the physical therapist is still in high demand. The specialized techniques have grown over the years making the demand for therapist higher than in the past years. This occupation is growing faster than any other career and it is expected to continue to grow at astonishing rates for many years.

The annual salary for physical therapists range from $65,000 to $70,000 depending on the specialty and location of the job they perform. The home health care services pay a higher salary. The occupational therapists pay the lesser of the amounts.

The typical day of the therapist includes examining the patient’s medical history files, testing and measuring the patient’s strength, range of motion, balance, and coordination including their posture, muscle performance, and motor functions, the determining the property therapy plan for each individual patient.

It is with their vast knowledge that the therapist is able to access patients and provide the best possible solution for the recovery with each therapy session. This specialized therapy program will improve the patient’s ability to achieve a higher range of motion as well as recover from the incident they have suffered.

The therapist helps the patient return to a level of life that without the treatment the patient would never be able to have.

The therapy sessions have helped many patients learn to walk after strokes or amputation surgeries. They have taught the stroke victim to talk again and how to hold the cup of water or fork to eat. The services produce results many patients are forever grateful for receiving.

Being physical therapists is a rewarding profession that is highly appreciated on all levels in the professional career fields. It is a very distinguishing career that has many possibilities for advancement in the future based on the desires of the individual and the career they wish to pursue.

Computer Technology Careers

Computer Technology careers involve different divisions of the computer science field. All of the fields include analytical, problem solving, and attention to detail capabilities. This very bright career as the future is based on the life of computers for both business and private sectors.

The career options for the computer science field include computer and information systems, networking, security, software engineer, computer systems analysts, computer hardware engineer, computer programmer, and computer support services.

The different careers require different levels of education and knowledge as well as different functions of the jobs performed. The salaries range from $20,000 to $110,000 starting at the computer support services progressing to computer and information systems manager.

The more education of the career the higher pay is involved. All of the computer science careers require at least a two-year degree with most preferring the four-year degree for each position. The more advanced positions require a master’s degree due to the complexity of the position and job requirements.

There are addition certifications are available through Microsoft and Cisco for computer specialties with their systems that also a highly creditable option for computer minded individuals. The certifications are available through online studies to make obtaining the requirements easier for the busy lives.

Due to technology requirements of society, the computer science field has become one of the highest sought after careers. It is a specialized field that reaches numerous lives and businesses so it is also a very secure career to have when seeking job stability.

The science of computers change all the time meaning it is career where continued education is required to stay current on the newest technologies. It is a very interesting career that provides pleasure for many who seek this career. The fact that is so embedded in the demands of so many people makes the career in high demand on all levels.

The average home has at least one computer while businesses have numerous computers. The networking field of computer science thus, reaches both home and business aspects of many people. Computer software support provides technical support for software and the many problems people face their software and computers.

Computer programmers are the experts that write the codes or language used by software. Computer hardware engineers provide the research and development on different levels of many computer systems. Computer software engineers design, test, and manage software programmers.

Computer systems analyst provide the behind the scene operations of the computer systems and functions from troubleshooting the various issues to implementation of new software installation. Computer and Information System Managers plan, coordinate, and direct the research and development of the computer services and programs.

As you can see, there are many different aspects of the computer technology careers to reach out to anyone interested in the various services relating to computers.

Career Planning – Your future jobs

Planning for your future with a good career is a very important step to take. In the work world today, you usually have to have some form of college education to have an established career to even get a good paying job. Work experience is not what it used to be in the past where many businesses considered the work history as a bonus. Now to get a nice paying job you need a degree or diploma to even start at ground level at most businesses.

The importance of the formal education is the cause for many to go to college. You realize to have the job security means having the piece of paper stating you know about their chosen career. The question for the younger people is what career they should choose.

It takes careful planning and thorough decisions to make the career selection. You know you want to do a job that you will enjoy for the forty plus years you will be working so you want to make the right decision from the very beginning.

The beginning of the planning stages includes figuring out the type of person you are. There are different personality types that will direct you into the right career choice. You may take a personality assessment that will help you decide on the career. These tests are generally given while still in high school. The tests break down the different personality traits into categories, and then list the career paths within the categories.

There are chances you will fall into several categories so you have more options for selecting the right career based on your personal preferences.

The tests start by asking specific questions as to the things like to do in the categories of verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythmic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and naturalistic. The variations of each will direct in the different career choices.

The categories are broke down as follows for the careers:

Musical: composer, singer or musician, voice coach, music teacher or critic, record executive, conductor, radio DJ, sound engineer, and entertainment lawyer.

Logical/mathematical: doctor, dentist, veterinarian, accountant, pharmacist, chemist, physicist, systems analyst, investment broker, financial analyst, and computer scientist.

Verbal/linguistic: author, playwright, journalist, TV/Radio producer, literature teacher, speech pathologist, business executive, and copywriter or editor.

Visual/Spatial: graphic artist, photographer, architect, cinematographer, art therapist, designer, cartoonist/ illustrator, art museum curator, and art teacher.

Bodily/kinesthetic: carpenter, draftsman, recreational therapist, physical therapist, mechanical engineer, massage therapist, dancer or acrobat, exercise physiologist, and actor.

Intrapersonal: research scientist, motivational speaker, engineer, physicist, sociologist, computer scientist, economist, author, and psychologist.

Interpersonal: social worker, PR Rep/ Media Liaison, Human Resource, Travel Agent, Sociologist, Anthropologist, counselor, therapist, teacher, and nurse.

Naturalistic: forest ranger, botanist or herbalist, geologist, ecologist, marine biologist, archaeologist, astronomer, adventure travel agent, wildlife tour guide, and landscape architect.

Based on your personality type you will find the right career designed to fit you. Take the time to be evaluated for your personality assessment to find the career of your dreams.

Further Your Education for a Better Career

You have been working at your job for a few years noticing you are overlooked for promotion after promotion. You know you can do the higher job and your work history with the company is good, but you do not understand why you are not being promoted.

Then you overhear the Human Resource Manager talking about the credentials of the new employee. The terms “college graduate” hang in the air above your head.

Yes, it is true. The college graduate stands a better chance of finding a better job than the person who has not gone to college. Even with the number of years on the job and knowing the job, that little piece of paper will make a world of difference for a better job.

The college diploma does wonders for a higher paying job and job promotions.

So now you want to get a college degree so you can move up the company ladder and get out of the nowhere job that you have grown to hate. That is the best decision you have ever made in your life. You are on the road for a huge difference in your life. With the college degree, you have better options for your career and higher earning potential.

But where do you turn for your educational needs?

There are plenty of online colleges that are creditable national colleges you can enroll with to get the diploma of your dreams. The courses are all taught online so you can still work your full time job and still attend college. The courses are designed to be flexible so the students can have their current lives and obtain their degrees at the same time. It is a great concept and many are returning to school for a higher education.

To find the best college university to fit your needs and career, use the internet to locate one of the many different online universities designed personally for your career advancement. Use the online course selectors to request information on the different degrees and then enroll online for the courses.

The tuition can be paid out of pocket or through grants and scholarships. The available choices also include the Pell Grant for student falling into the special qualifications. Government grants are also available as well as student loans.

By the way, it is not hard to get a student loan either! Many people think it is but they are highly mistaken. Your college financial adviser will help with all of your tuition needs so the transition to becoming a college student will be fast and easy.

Contact your online college to start taking your college courses and begin the steps to changing your career for the better. You will not ever regret making the decision to further your education.