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7 Ways on How to Make Your Company Creative

Creativity calls for commitment. With no commitment, you will slide back to where you have started. Get rid of policies, rules and memos that back creativity. Creativity should not be stifled – it should fly like a bird on wings.

It should be welcomed. It will bloom in the workplace if management let it be known that new ideas (no matter how weird), experimentation and inquiries are encouraged. Personnel should be assured that false starts and failures are more common than flashes of genius.

Here are 7 ways on how to make your company creative:

1. Create a pleasant atmosphere. Creativity prospers in an environment where management and coworkers listen to one another. Exchanges of ideas may give birth to something that the company urgently needs.

2. Encourage personnel to look for fun in their work. A positive attitude toward one’s job is often the very source of what is called the Eureka! Experience or a spark of genius!

3. Make the workplace “a garden where ideas spring up and grow like seeds.” If you are the manager, help the idea grow by “watering” it, so to speak; do not be the first to “uproot” it. Most managers are often the ones who “abort” good ideas that might have proved the lifesavers of the company.

4. Be a good example of the “creative manager.” Do not be afraid to experiment right in front of your personnel; or get embarrassed when you make a mess of it.

5. Mix your employees especially during conference or brainstorming. A mixture of different background, education, attitudes, training and talents is like a cauldron where good ideas are “curdled” and “cooked.”

6. Welcome questions from employees about anything related to the company. It is one way of correcting what they may think or have assumed all along. The truth will set them free – and truth and freedom spur creativity.

7. Remember that some ideas may sound impractical, even weird – on the surface. Creativity theorists all say that a good manager will always ask how he can turn an idea into action, instead of killing it. It could be a very good one.

What to consider when choosing a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Looking for a Virtual Assistant can be a daunting task. They provide a vital service to anyone who looks to use their skills, and can make life a lot easier. But as with any outsourcing or hiring it is important that you get the right person doing the work. In business quality matters, the last thing you want is to find that the person you hired to do the job isn’t up to the task in hand.

VA’s provide a huge range of services, at a lot of different price ranges and various degrees of quality. Choosing the right person, the right service and the right price can be difficult – with so many to choose from it can seem like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

What should you be looking for in a VA?

So if so many Virtual Assistants are available, how is choosing one so difficult? The trick is choosing the right one for your needs. Consider these points.

1. Consider what you need from a VA

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant the odds are you have a specific job or jobs in mind. So make sure you consider what that job is, plus any other work that you want the VA to be doing. This means that you are able to match up the skills needed to what the Virtual Assistant claims their strengths to be.

2. Turn around time

You don’t just need the work to be quality, you need it to be done within a time frame to. Ask them how much work they have on and what sort of turn around guarantee they offer on a projects. You don’t want to be waiting weeks for something you needed to be done in a couple of days.

3. Quality of work

Ask them if they have any specific examples of previous work done. Obviously this can be difficult for any work that is not done with an obvious end product (many VA style jobs don’t have this) but anything they can produce should give you a good indication as to the quality of their work.

4. Testimonials and references

Look for testimonials by happy clients, but don’t just rely on them. Search the internet for anyone that has used their brand before (are they mentioned in forums and the like?). Ask the Virtual Assistant for any references that you can contact – ideally those that might have done similar work to what you will be asking to be done so you can get an idea of what they are like from a real business person.

5. Budget

It is a sad fact of life that budgets often decide what we can and can’t do, so make sure that when you are approaching Virtual Assistants about projects that you have a clear idea of how much you can spend on hiring one. Virtual Assistants are very powerful tools in helping you make money, but spending too much on one can turn a project from profitable into a loss.

Looking for a VA to help you in your day today task? Contact us today! We are associated with premium Virtual Assistant’s Agency in India managed by Steve Arun who is over 15 years of experience. Today VA are an integral part of KPO process (Knowledge process outsourcing) where you will hire skilled work force to manage your day today tasks.

Why use a VA (Virtual Assistant).

Virtual Assistants are becoming more and more popular, with the position entering mainstream job skills and boards. The media has latched onto the idea of the personal assistant being able to work from anywhere and a number of business magazines are espousing both the use of VA’s and the viability of it as a business model for anyone looking to start their own business.

But why should anyone who is running a business, freelancing company or just making money online look to hire the services of the VA? Or put another way – whats in it for the business owners?

Well here we take a look at the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant and why using one, even if only from time to time, could be to your advantage.

The benefits of using a VA service

Whilst not an exhaustive list (such a list would fill a book or more) the below points should give a clear indication of why using VA services can be a good idea.

Admin support

It is well known that starting and running a business takes a lot of admin. It is also well known that the type of individual that looks to start their own business is not usually happy at doing all the paper work and working through the administration red tape when they could be out working on their business.

Most VA’s are great at the admin work, filling out forms, creating documents and templates, spreadsheet work etc. So by outsourcing this work you can free up more time to work on the business model and spend less time being caught up in the minute detail that has become part of running a business. Which one do you think s going to make you more money?

Delegating the small tasks

To grow a business, or even just to make more money, you need to be able to delegate the small, non-profitable tasks to others whilst you work on revenue generation. As with admin support this is one of the major functions of VA’s.

By finding the right VA with the right skill set means that you can give them work on things like keyword generation, hunting for reliable outsource professionals (writers, marketers and the like), replying to emails with generic templates, answering and screening phone calls – and any other small job you can think of.

Just pay for the work they do

Unlike with employees you are not looking at getting into a long term agreement with VA’s. Some charge by the job and others by the hour but in all cases you are just paying for the work they provide with out any further commitments (unless you choose to do so).

This also helps by meaning no sick pay, holiday pay, maternity leave etc. All these are issues that can eat into a companies budget, VA’s are very much an on demand service.

You don’t have to run payroll

Running payroll can be expensive for a company. Accountants are needed, tax is paid, reliable software has to be bought. But by outsourcing your needs to a VA you cut all that out, you just have to meet one invoice – the rest is up to them to solve, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have expensive payroll systems already in place.

Looking for a VA to help you in your day today task? Contact us today! We are associated with premium Virtual Assistant’s Agency in India managed by Steve Arun who is over 15 years of experience. Today VA are an integral part of KPO process (Knowledge process outsourcing) where you will hire skilled work force to manage your day today tasks.