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HR Outsourcing – India High on Low budget staffing

Outsourcing has been a buzz word in the business world for long now. HR outsourcing is the widely used among all. HR processes like payroll management, human resource management , employee benefits etc are outsourced. There are several reasons for outsourcing the processes like low budget, less staff or to avoid an HR department all together. The HR services could fall into categories i.e. PEO, BPO, ASP and E-Services.

PEO or a professional employer organisation takes the responsibility of HR processes. The firms act like parteners. For HR a BPO means that organization has access to all latest technologies. Softwares are uploaded on web and sold via ASP’s. Web based HR services are known as E-Services.

HR outsourcing is the hottest in the industry. Most of the big names are outsourcing there requirements to outside firms. It is a big business & almost two third of the companies studied for HR outsourcing had adapted to the same. The most commonly outsourced processes are those of payroll management, pension management, program management etc. A deeper look these processes would show that these are basically accounting function by their very nature. Thus, it is quite pradoxical that most of the functions outsourced are accounting processes more than HR.

In India its hard to separate from any function that touches the employee’s directly however a reiteration of HR processes its moving towards the board room. The basic processes like recruitments, payroll management, pension management etc are outsourced & attention is paid to strategic decision making. More and more companies are adapting to HR outsourcing not as a fashion but out of choice.

There has been a shift towards managing the results. there is a trend of attracting employees and retaining them. Earlier it took loads of time to cater to an employee query but now an employee can log in and view its details instantly. HR now contributes to the strategic processes of business world more than before.

Educational outsourcing is on rise in India

Outsourcing is making great profits in educational field. Students from Britain, US, Canada & many other countries are outsourcing their IT Jobs to earn higher grades.

This is the reason that outsourcing is spreading to other segments besides IT, software, customer service, data management & many more.

The education industry has taken keen interest in the new trend of outsourcing. Students from various countries are now assigning their jobs to many Indian educational scholars. Most of the students are from Britain.

IT students overseas are giving their assignments to Indian scholars. The main reason being that Indian scholars are well qualified and experienced. This also benefits them by cheaper labor cost due to the ever-increasing competition among Indian IT professionals.

As per a recent survey on outsourcing educational projects, it is clear that the students who are outsourcing their IT related jobs, are mostly those who are either not competent in preparing assignments on their own, who do not have enough time or who are lazy & have the money to spend on outsourcing.

In simple words, these students are mainly outsourcing IT jobs to Indian IT professionals. These IT professionals have either individually created their own outsourcing websites or formed a group. The outsourcing educational jobs may be on the rise, but this has made many people doubt the credibility of the whole affair.

As per a professor of a reputed UK based University in IT department, Allen Thomas, “This growing trend of outsourcing educational jobs is casting the shadow on the talent of the student’s creative & hardworking skills.”

He also adds- “We have recently investigated the matter & found that UK students are posting their Jobs regularly on outsourcing sites and many Indian, far east & eastern European countries are responding by way of bidding. Jobs normally involve of writing programs of small codes.”

However, on a global level, outsourcing is considered to be another way to keep you one step ahead of the competition in case of higher education.

Outsourcing India, Rise and Rise of KPO’s in India.

India has become a leader in outsourcing today. The country has emerged successfully as the leader and is working towards earning a name in this field.

As per a report, it is clear that India has successfully managed to earn tremendous reputation as the most reliable outsourcing partner. It would not be wrong to call India, a “global leader” for outsourcing business.

The president of Indian National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM), Kiran Karnik feels that India has emerged to be No.1 in the outsourcing business & it is global in terms of services in the United States & the United Kingdom.

Today Indian outsourcing business is not just following the traditional outsourcing method. The outsourcing business in India has now graduated from service provided to knowledge based outsourcing (KPO).

The super success of Indian BPOs has resulted in to the birth of KPO. KPO has now taken the lead in outsourcing business. KPO is a process that involves high-end knowledge work, and requires qualified & experienced people to handle such jobs.

Taking up such projects demand advanced analytical & skilled knowledge in the KPO business.

Today the services that are successfully being outsourced to India include Research & Analysis, Business & Market Research, Investment Analysis, legal research & analysis, finance & accounting advisory services, product & Brand Management and Medical Services.

The famous ITES-BPO India will soon be over-taken by emerging KPO. The take over would prove to be the greatest revenue generator in the Indian history.

A growth of USD 17 billion would be experienced by the global KPO business by the year 2010.

The Indian share in this growth would be around USD 12-14 billion, as expected by many analysts.

India would be the first choice for global knowledge process outsourcing business as the country has many English-speaking workforce talent comprises of highly skilled professionals such as lawyers, MBAs, CAS & PhDs.

Government of India is sure of the growth potential of IT business & IT Policies in the country.

IT Business & policies being always on to agenda in government of India’s manifests, these areas are reviewed periodically. Today India is among the first few nations who enforced cyber law to curb crimes related to Internet.

Indian KPO’s are skyrocketing in terms of clientele base & favored economic policies.

Knowledge process outsourcing today is taking aggressive approach in outsourcing business. Today the clientele base is experiencing a significant increase.

The Indian knowledge process outsourcing industry specially is skyrocketing in terms of clientele base & favored economic policies.

As per a research & news reported in various new papers & press release across the global, it is clear that the knowledge process outsourcing business is expanding rapidly. India is a land of talent & education. Hence, the country enjoys large pool of talented & well-educated MBAs, Pharmaceutical graduates and IT engineers.

It is not unnatural see a large number of graduates & post-graduates working in the country. The industry is concentrating on the bigger share of outsourcing business in coming year.

As per a report by the Global Sourcing, KPO would reach USD 17 billion by the year 2010. Out of the USD 17 billion, USD 12 billion would be outsourced to India alone; and this amounts to almost 70% of the total amount.

Today the Indian KPO sector has already taken steps in employing highly educated, proficient & ardently dedicated people.

This would result in the number of KPO professionals to cross more than 250, 000 by the year 2010. This is an exorbitant amount when you compare it with the current figure of 250, 000 employees.

The industry professionals are not only looking for international market but also concentrating on the domestic market to earn maximum profit.

Most of the companies in the industry hold tremendous entrepreneurial experience in various industries such as IT, Real estate, Stock & investment and travel for many years.

National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM) conducted a survey in 2002. This exhibits the excellent performance of an Indian bartending & financial outsourcing service. NASSCOM commented, “An Indian banking & financial outsourcing service sector, per forms better than US & UK based BPO centers in various categories.”

Knowledge Process Outsourcing has now attained a huge success after Business Process Outsourcing in India.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing in India has become successful in India due to the immensely talented workforce, favorable government policies, operational cost savings and improved infrastructure.

All About Online Forms Entry and Data Processing

Webmasters nowadays leave form boxes on their WebPages to serve the following purposes: to get a user’s comment or message, to acquire personal or business information about a user, to receive data entry information from online users, to receive online cash or fund information, and other functions which may necessitate communication between two or more parties.

Data processing using form boxes is easier and more convenient than having to compose emails for certain online transactions. Plus, most online forms follow the conditions required by the receiving party thus minimizing errors or misunderstanding the details to be filled up.

Creating online forms is not that complicated. A thorough knowledge on the HTML coding environment is necessary, and a PHP database experience would be a plus. But for those who do not even have the slightest bit of background on HTML and PHP coding, you can always avail the services of a freelance programmer. With the right tools and methodologies, you could be developing a very stable online form database in no time.

A data entry procedure using online forms involves minimal effort. This means, that you really don’t have to be a genius when it comes to information or data management, to be able to understand which entry goes where. The pattern or arrangement on the form displays the possible data flow which the database or recipient would want to see your data organized. Traversing each form, you will see what requirements need to be filled up, and how they should be answered, by their order.

Combining both essential functions of online forms and data processing, we arrive at a perfect symmetry of data entry development. Online forms permit the entry of data, according to its particular level of access, thus allowing for information submissions.

Without this integral process, convenience and accessibility pose as a major question to any existing website. Websites understand that the key to creating better traffic for their site would be to increase the quality of the information on their sites and possibly create a friendlier interface for the website users.

When many people get the impression that your site is not that accommodating, you could loose that user and many other potential visitors, until the problem is solved.

Going further, we arrive at a very familiar interface which will permit us to recognize the salient aspects of online form and data processing. These two procedures, relate to each other in a very systematic hierarchy.

The functions can never overlap, and could only follow the order set between one another. Online forms are basically the vessel of the data processing methods which must be fulfilled.

Data processing takes place only when the right data or information has been supplied on the online forms. Once accomplished, online forms initiate a call to process that information and create a copy of the data entered into the database, where it may be of use in the future.

Why outsource Data entry work to India? Here are the reasons.

India, the third largest English speaking nation in the world, is purportedly the hub for outsource service providers in Asia. With more and more people investing billions of dollars into websites and other online advertising campaigns, India stands as a united front to answering the demands of various business clients and industries that span the entire globe.

Search engine optimization companies, especially those involved with database or website management projects from outsource clients would agree, that data entry is one of the more basic, yet more complicated procedures in the early stages of directory development. The procedure for data entry work is fairly systematic. The primary data entry level task is to gather a list of data from specific industries or categories. For example, hotels can be classified under one category, or business industry.

The main task of the data entry personnel is to identify possible records which could help in supplementing the base data on the hotel or hotel chains being discussed in the directory. Common items like hotel locations, hotel management contact details, reservation information and dining services are the most fundamental facts which need to be entered for a particular hotel index on the directory.

It is not a coincidence that India should be one of the more deserving nations who could easily acquire data entry jobs from outsource clients, as the whole country itself is rapidly mobilizing its technological prowess to facilitate the outburst of outsource service demands from around the world. In a sense, India is qualified to brag that it can certainly do the job. In terms of technology and experience on the “Web Business”, India has greater lead than the rest of the Asian countries.

Even the Philippines, which ranks as the fourth largest English speaking nation in Asia, is curbed to follow a very far distance, already paced by India.

It’s no wonder then, that outsourcing data entry level work in India could be an excellent choice for most businessmen or web investors. Nothing really beats the quality and reliability honed by years of dealing with optimization and outsourcing services, which India has been exposed to.

India nonetheless remains as the dominating force in Asia when it comes to outsource services with its proven track record.

In totality, Outsourcing data entry work in India is a decision that should be made with quality in mind. Nothing beats India when it comes to this, as they are bantering on a more acknowledged field, to which they have been first made privy, and have done reasonably well to maintain. To get the best deals for Outsource service with Data Entry work, do not forget to level out with India on this aspect.

India stands to gain on the following services which are commonly outsourced by major clients from both U.S. and Europe: PHP Programmers, Bulk Linkers, Data Entry work, Content development, Web Design and Web Development services and many others.

Online Tutors – Pupil in US, Math sir in Kochi

Indian hand had an expertise over fields such as customer support, medical transcription, reading X-rays & preparing tax returns. Indians have been solving queries of customers overseas proficiently and tasks such as medical transcription were accomplished successfully here.

Now its’ time for developing a new skill & mastering it. Indian hands are becoming extremely popular in international online avocation: bolstering American children with Math & science.

American school students have now realized the importance of personal coaching to enhance their grades and SAT scores. Through the concept is a couple of years old, it has recently been honored by these students. Parents can now avail best coaching facilities for their children at cheaper rates as the Indian online tutors are available at $18-20 an hour; which is much cheaper as compared to the domestic alternatives that cost somewhere around $80-125 an hour.

The concept was started by a California company growing stars Inc. based in Fremont. They tapped Indians for the task of online tutoring.

The company now has around 400 students learning about 50 teachers based in Kochi.

An Indian software engineer Biju Mathew who was unable to afford tutors for his two children, teamed up with one of his friend based in New Jersey, Saji Philip to start growing stars Inc. the company was started successfully in January 2004 and assisted students with grades 3 to 12. is another Indian based company, in Chicago that provides coaching to college students. The founder Bikram Roy believes that this company is expert in offering 24×7 services by connecting to well-qualified e-tutors. All this is done in the privacy of the student’s room.

The concept is a great success now & hopes to create a niche for itself in the field of online tutors.

The benefits associated to KPO

Knowledge process outsourcing has offered many businesses, the high-end knowledge required by the industries to bloom.

Since, this is a new invention in the outsourcing market, people are still preferring BPO services and are also unaware of the extensive benefits, associated to KPO. The benefits include cost savings, efficacies to execute a task and improved quality in off shoring high-end processes. However, the benefits do not end here.

Many professionals have experienced a high level of growth in their career with the help of KPO. It is a lucrative career option. KPO sector provides an excellent is apt to develop skills in a specialized field.

When it comes to remuneration, KPO offers the best possible deal to its employees.

A person who possesses good skills and about two years of experience in the field can easily take around Rs.6 lakh to Rs.8 lakh on yearly basis. The more the experience, the more a professional can expect in terms of remuneration. On an average, an experienced person can easily draw a pay packer of around Rs.15 lakh & Rs.20 lakh annually. Many professionals have experienced remarkable growth in their career due to KPO.

With the introduction of International Management program (IMP) by KPO in April 2003, has offered great opportunity to many professionals to enhance their managerial skills.

Standardized technical education is widely available to many aspirants in this field in the developing countries. The best part is that this trained manpower is available at a low cost. Hence, utilizing these services is more advantageous to an organization.

Given below are the benefits related to outsourcing to KPO firms.

a) Cost Savings: KPO offers valuable cost savings & the saving can be utilized anywhere.

b) Efficiency: Standard operational efficiency is one of the most powerful benefits offered by KPO.

c) Trained Professionals: Since the concept is new, the professionals trained well and equipped with best of technological & marketing skills.

d) Uninterrupted Services: KPO offers services without any interruption and hence an industry experience increase in profits.

The KPO Market

The great economic success of BPO has given way to many industries to trigger off the process of high-end knowledge work. The main reason is that most companies are looking for access to specialized knowledge processes that are rare to possess.

The KPO market is currently estimated anywhere form $1.3 billion. The growth prospects in future are expected to reach USD 17 billion by the year 2010. The amount of 12 billion USD would be outsourced to India. There have been reports that India will capture more than 70 percent of the KPO sector by 2010.

The trend will be followed by many other countries such as Russia, China, the Czech Republic, Ireland & Israel.

The predictions also say that the cumulative Annual growth rate of low-end outsourcing services will reach up to 26% by 2010. in contrast to this estimation the global KPO market will experience a 46% growth in cumulative Annual growth Rate.

A KPO company cannot measure success in terms of the number of employees. The measurement is totally based on revenue per employee.

India possesses the wealth of highly proficient professionals who have perfect hold over English as an international language. This is the reason that the India KPO sector will reach the size of USD 121 billion by 2010. This amount is equivalent to a market share of about 70%.

UK and US have the biggest markets for KPO due to English language. The widespread NRI community and their expertise with off shoring services to countries like India & China also account for the largest share of KPO in US/UK. However, the shortage of talent in the US to offer KPO services has given India a room to offer these services.

More & more countries are relying on India for offshoring KPO serves as this means offering cost savings amounting to 40 to 50 percent in the areas of research & clinical trials in conjunction with quality work.

KPO, a new innovation in the outsourcing market

Outsourcing markets have contributed to the success of many businesses. In fact, these days, most businesses depend on outsourcing markets to enhance their profit prospects.

BPO has been one of the most famous and productive outsourcing method in the industry. It created many jobs, offered cost savings and long-term investment benefits to various industries.

The outsourcing industry has boomed with the advent of a new technique known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a process wherein businesses outsource high-end knowledge or judgment services.

These services include investment banking research, sales & marketing research, IP/ Patent research, R&D, legal research & case writing & animation design. The provider in this field requires being well equipped team that possesses strategic skills, education and ability to think independently and utilize their creative & innovative thoughts to achieve productive output in any research criteria.

KPO also involves a great degree of execution risk as providers look forward to create and combine complex level of process, technology & services.

KPO is not an extension of BPO. It can be said that KPO is one step ahead of BPO. Knowledge process outsourcing offers domain-based processes in conjunction with business expertise that is a straight contrast to BPO as BPO is only expert in providing process skills.

Few countries have been very successful in offering KPO services such as India, Philippines & China. These countries enjoy the wealth of knowledge and this is exactly what requires attaining expertise in offering KPO services.

The future of KPO is very bright, as KPO expertise is not confined to information technology. KPO has widened its horizon to other services such as Intellectual Property related services, business Research & Analysis Legal Research, Clinical Research, Publishing, Market Research.

In the near future the global KPO sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 45%.