Dear Recruiting Manager,

It is apparent; your company is gaining immense popularity and growing at a fast pace. This also manifests the good amount of potential recruiting candidates you would be looking forward to and it in turn mean more business. You may not appreciate anything that would prove to be an obstruction to the even growing pace of your front line marketing effort and current recruiting resources.

To be precise, the success of your company is directly proportional to the right recruiting candidate, however it is not practical for a manager to reach out each potential candidates individually to analyze the potential.

If you are Recruiting Manager looking for Offshore Facilities in India, Please contact us at arun [at] kpoweb [dot][com]

We would like to make you acquainted with the fact that you would not find a problem to get in touch with custom tailored recruiting candidate leads & the solution support.

All we have to provide you is potential candidate leads and efficacious support facility.

Dealing with us would be like trusting recruiting candidate lead resources or a support facility that would help you in offering your company, the most required resource.

We are proud to endorse that we can easily supply you with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 1000 recruiting potential candidate leads on a monthly basis.

If you are surprised, then it is not an unusual reaction, as not everyone knows that recruiting candidate leads & solution support services exist. These resources are specially designed in a way to save your time that you would otherwise spend on searching, screening and recruiting candidates from the lists of individuals hunting for Business Opportunities. Your recruiting candidate services offer you the independence you have always yearned for.

I would like to pen down some words on what makes our leads so special & potential.

We emphasize on offering fresh & exclusive recruiting candidate. Each recruiting candidate is stamped in by specific date & time of their arrival on the server. These leads are generated from individuals who have either responded by email to an Internet ad, or to a Radio or TV Commercial or Infomercial; identifying themselves as someone seeking a “business opportunity.

These individuals come into our contact to fulfill their desire to become their own boss and are looking for someone to help them with the possible opportunities available to them.

We are equipped with cream of call center facilities lead by proficient, enthusiastic & experienced tele-consultants. These phone consultants are at your disposal 24/7 to place the crucial first call on your behalf. This call is successfully utilized to verify contact information, to further qualify the candidate, fix appointments etc. The call can also be utilized towards ordering introductory & training materials.

Many additional call center services are also available. Our phone consultants are trained to close the candidate for you, and in case you want to do it at your end, we would respect your decision.

The candidate closing may be carried out by different processes of your choice. If you prefer offering your own script, we would adhere to your command and in case you want us to come out with an emphatic script with dynamic rebuttal & high conversion closing, we would love to serve you.

We have instructed our call center phone consultants to talk to the candidates live, because they work with predictive dialers that pre-screen wrong number, disconnected & voice mail calls.

Our organization is a part of the chief lead-listing generators & lead compiling networks across the globe. This has not affected our performance, as we do not leave any stone unturned to accomplish our tasks proficiently. We utilize our expertise in generating recruiting leads from all reliable sources around including Internet, Radio & TV Commercials & Infomercials. The rate per lead will vary according to the source, the freshness and the amount of screening required.

Hence, we would request you to offer us a lucid elucidation of your product/service, your demographic & your pay-plan.
Our work schedule include monitoring & analyzing the activities by performing a consistent tweaking of the lead generation and call center training & scripting to emulate the market. We would like to be well informed about any of your result fluctuation so that we can adjust accordingly.

We believe in perfection & to make our efforts productive we associate with larger clients whose front line force is represented by at least 100 members.

Our organization also has parameters on the call center side. Our phone consultants work effortlessly with never ending passion. They dial around 150 phone numbers per eight-hour shift. These 150 phone number exclude the wrong, disconnected, unanswered & voicemail linked calls.

Our goal is to offer 375 potential recruiting candidates or hires each year to work with. This is not the maximum limit we have set for ourselves. We promise to offer you the desired number of candidate within a time frame you set.

Dealing with us would not require any long-term contracts. You may set month-to-month dealing for purchasing leads. You will be the honored judge to decide the cost per acquisition that goes well with your business model.

We are eagerly looking forward to your inquiry. Thanks to give us your valuable time. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

Best Regards

Team kpoweb.com

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