What to consider when choosing a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Looking for a Virtual Assistant can be a daunting task. They provide a vital service to anyone who looks to use their skills, and can make life a lot easier. But as with any outsourcing or hiring it is important that you get the right person doing the work. In business quality matters, the last thing you want is to find that the person you hired to do the job isn’t up to the task in hand.

VA’s provide a huge range of services, at a lot of different price ranges and various degrees of quality. Choosing the right person, the right service and the right price can be difficult – with so many to choose from it can seem like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

What should you be looking for in a VA?

So if so many Virtual Assistants are available, how is choosing one so difficult? The trick is choosing the right one for your needs. Consider these points.

1. Consider what you need from a VA

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant the odds are you have a specific job or jobs in mind. So make sure you consider what that job is, plus any other work that you want the VA to be doing. This means that you are able to match up the skills needed to what the Virtual Assistant claims their strengths to be.

2. Turn around time

You don’t just need the work to be quality, you need it to be done within a time frame to. Ask them how much work they have on and what sort of turn around guarantee they offer on a projects. You don’t want to be waiting weeks for something you needed to be done in a couple of days.

3. Quality of work

Ask them if they have any specific examples of previous work done. Obviously this can be difficult for any work that is not done with an obvious end product (many VA style jobs don’t have this) but anything they can produce should give you a good indication as to the quality of their work.

4. Testimonials and references

Look for testimonials by happy clients, but don’t just rely on them. Search the internet for anyone that has used their brand before (are they mentioned in forums and the like?). Ask the Virtual Assistant for any references that you can contact – ideally those that might have done similar work to what you will be asking to be done so you can get an idea of what they are like from a real business person.

5. Budget

It is a sad fact of life that budgets often decide what we can and can’t do, so make sure that when you are approaching Virtual Assistants about projects that you have a clear idea of how much you can spend on hiring one. Virtual Assistants are very powerful tools in helping you make money, but spending too much on one can turn a project from profitable into a loss.

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