India on the wings of outsourcing – Soaring High

India is undisputed a world leader in the outsourcing industry. Its IT dominance has reached foreign shores, with its government deserving applause for having supported the nation’s focus on its educational system, prioritizing math, sciences, and the information technology.

These concerted efforts among the government, the education sector, and all other industries combined, paid off. India today has not only catapulted itself to IT prominence, with Bangalore dubbed as another Silicone Valley and the world’s back-end hub, it also acquired the trust of Fortune’s top corporations over other outsourcing destinations such as Ireland, the Philippines, and other major players.

Today, India is experiencing an all-time high in employment generation, in both domestic and foreign markets. India provides three (3) major outsourcing services to clients: financing, human resource and customer service. The outsourcing sector alone contributed an astounding 90% in the country’s revenue for the Fiscal year, 2006-2007.

Maintaining its lead over other outsourcing destinations in the world, India is now focusing its sights on the pharmaceutical industry with an estimated worldwide strength of over $17 billion, with legal services tailing close.

The prospect looks good for both pharma and legal services with a projected growth of $50 billion worldwide for the next five years, and legal services registering $6 billion by the same number of years.

Overseas, demand for outsourcing services to India’s IT professionals rose to over 30%, while in the domestic front, employment faces brisk business.

NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services), India’s voice pertaining to IT, announced India’s IT-BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing) huge chunk of revenue contribution amounting to $6 billion, and in the over-all brought to a close, a whooping $23 billion for India’s entire software industry last year.

India is not showing signs of slowing down, either. Today, it has even energized its approach to generate more offshore clients, as it envisions on elevating the nation as the world’s most prominent IT and outsourcing hub, permanently.

With its Government’s support, and it’s people’s national pride, India will, in no time, realize this vision. Outsourcing, definitely, has made India soar to greater heights!

Author: KPO

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  1. Sourcing says:

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  2. It may be true in other outsourcing industries but as far a legal outsourcing is concerned it is quite difficult for any country to have an edge over India.

    Vice President
    Corpus Global: World Legal Solutions

  3. KPO Wizard says:

    Magic of Tier II Cities

    Tier II and tier III cities are having new developments and are directly competing from big Metros and other tier I cities. This has brought about certain changes in the lifestyle, standard of living and hence expectations of the residents of these cities. These are transformational changes and have their own pros and cons.

    Best Regards,
    Team Banana Outsourcing

  4. So how many IT companies are there in India?

    I wonder how they coop with other IT companies

  5. Software Engineering Institute’s ‘Capability Maturity Model Level 5′ is the highest quality certification in the software industry, then India’s the place to be. With 65% of the world’s CMM Level 5 companies and one of the world’s largest pool of scientific and technical talent, India is a logical choice for outsourcing.

  6. Business Process Outsourcing India says:

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