Outsourcing India, Rise and Rise of KPO’s in India.

India has become a leader in outsourcing today. The country has emerged successfully as the leader and is working towards earning a name in this field.

As per a report, it is clear that India has successfully managed to earn tremendous reputation as the most reliable outsourcing partner. It would not be wrong to call India, a “global leader” for outsourcing business.

The president of Indian National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM), Kiran Karnik feels that India has emerged to be No.1 in the outsourcing business & it is global in terms of services in the United States & the United Kingdom.

Today Indian outsourcing business is not just following the traditional outsourcing method. The outsourcing business in India has now graduated from service provided to knowledge based outsourcing (KPO).

The super success of Indian BPOs has resulted in to the birth of KPO. KPO has now taken the lead in outsourcing business. KPO is a process that involves high-end knowledge work, and requires qualified & experienced people to handle such jobs.

Taking up such projects demand advanced analytical & skilled knowledge in the KPO business.

Today the services that are successfully being outsourced to India include Research & Analysis, Business & Market Research, Investment Analysis, legal research & analysis, finance & accounting advisory services, product & Brand Management and Medical Services.

The famous ITES-BPO India will soon be over-taken by emerging KPO. The take over would prove to be the greatest revenue generator in the Indian history.

A growth of USD 17 billion would be experienced by the global KPO business by the year 2010.

The Indian share in this growth would be around USD 12-14 billion, as expected by many analysts.

India would be the first choice for global knowledge process outsourcing business as the country has many English-speaking workforce talent comprises of highly skilled professionals such as lawyers, MBAs, CAS & PhDs.

Government of India is sure of the growth potential of IT business & IT Policies in the country.

IT Business & policies being always on to agenda in government of India’s manifests, these areas are reviewed periodically. Today India is among the first few nations who enforced cyber law to curb crimes related to Internet.

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6 Responses to “Outsourcing India, Rise and Rise of KPO’s in India.”

  1. michael says:

    you have given information about kpo’s.how can i get job in kpo.i completed m.sc(maths).

  2. michael says:

    very nice

  3. Reyna Flor says:

    It’s very nice to know that outsourcing is doing well in India. I read blog comments earlier, it says that is really evolving, from a sample data to BPO and then now to KPO.

    Keep it up…

  4. Thank you very much for sharing great information.Outsourcing business is doing well in India.I agree with Kiran Karnik that India will be no 1 outsourcing business provider in world.

  5. contact center Philippines says:

    I agree that India is one of the world’s outsourcing giants nowadays, but I also do believe that other nations are catching up, including China, Costa Rica and the Philippines. I see this as a good thing, though; not only do companies have more choices when it comes to outsourcing their work, these countries are also given the chance to show what they can do.

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