Setting up your virtual IT team in India

What do these companies have in common? Sears, British Aerospace, General Electric, IBM, Lucas, United Airlines, Swiss Air, Philips, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, Wal-Mart, Reebok, General Motors, Boeing and Sony ?

They all thought of India when the need of putting up a virtual team to assist their software needs became too hard to ignore.

India focused heavily on technical instruction . There is a vast supply of manpower that can deliver expert solutions to almost all programming tasks. The level of expertise of IT professionals in India is at par with its Western counterparts, only at a fraction of the cost, of what most IT professionals and experts receive in the US, or United Kingdom.

India was voted by most company giants in the US, United Kingdom and Japan as their leading outsource destination. Aside from labor being cost-effective, India can deliver software solutions to virtually all software needs.

Setting up a virtual team in India allows you to concentrate on your company’s competencies that are profit-generating, those that will increase your revenue, while your third-party service provider, or virtual team, does the support functions.

Setting up a virtual team in India is the best option there is, at the moment. Eighteen corporation giants thought so, and they never have wavered in their choice, since then.

What is there in setting up a virtual team?

For one, an American company setting up a virtual team in India saves to about 60% of his usual operating cost. Hiring an outsource service provider to manage low-level, non-core operations cuts off a considerable sum from the budget allocated for in-house recruitment, hiring and training of manpower.

IT professionals and support groups from the outsource environment are already trained and have considerable experience, thus, lead time for training and development of new employees are saved, as well. Though mostly operating overseas, the client can virtually set up his own team, duly supervised by the outsource service provider. In common parlance, this is called “dedicated” outsource.

Outsourcing to places like India minimizes the employment gap between IT professionals in India and those in more developed countries. Outsourcing allows home-grown talent to surface, without necessitating a costly travel abroad, just to earn dollars. Outsourcing allows many IT professionals to earn a considerable sum, while they remain in the comforts of their homes.

In a nutshell, setting up a virtual team in India offers lots of benefits: Primarily, it is cost-efficient, secondly, it affords access to a vast manpower pool of seasoned IT professionals, including their businesses. A client outsourcing services to India, gains access to a myriad of expertise which he can utilize for his own business, today or in the future.

Minimization of attendant risks in hiring manpower overseas is possible because the virtual team may either be run by a duly authorized service provider who is licensed by its government to operate and manage a business, or a group of IT professionals who may likewise have legal identity to get into contractual obligations.

Unlike direct hiring, an outsource solutions/service provider is directly responsible for its people, and there is no existing employer-employee relationship that exist, between the outsource service provider and the client.

This saves the client from the hassle of managing and developing people, as well as provide for benefits as provided for by their host country.

Seamless benefits. Setting up a virtual team in India provides your business that, and a whole lot more.

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