Mangement Audit and its objects.

Management audit is a comprehensive and complete examination of all managerial functions and the effective use of their total resources in achieving the goals of an organization.

According to Taylor and Perry “Management auditing is a method to evaluate the efficiency of management at all levels throughout the organization in order to ascertain whether sound management prevails throughout, and also to report on its effectiveness and on its improvement”.

Management audit aims at finding out the defects and irregularities present in the business organization and trying to remove them. So that the goals of the business organization can be achieved most efficiently and effectively.


1. To point out the defects and irregularities present in the system and also to suggest improvements in it.

2. To help the organization to achieve in working.

3. To help in achieving the ultimate goal of the organizational activity most efficiently,

4. To remove the wastage and ultimate and leakage present in the system.

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