Process of Management Audit

1. Establishing the objects of organization- The first job in the management audit is to identify the objectives of the business organization.

2. Evaluation of the organization structure- Next step in the management audit is to evaluate the organization structure. To find out that whether the structure enough to achieve the goals of the organizations.

3. Evaluating the policies of the organization- Evaluating the policies of the organization is very important is very important. Any scope of improvement in it should be reported.

4. Reviewing the actual performance- Auditor should review the actual performance of the various work centers. The performance should be carefully and critically evaluated.

Any scope of the improvement or inefficient working should be reported.

5. Report – On the basis of the above steps, auditor should prepare a report and
submit to the appointing authority. The report should point out all the weak and inefficient points present in the organization.

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  1. shalini says:

    interesting i lik it

  2. Real Estate & Properties Noida says:

    This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear. Here everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things. This is one of the best blogs I have read.

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