Strategies for Enhancing Your Workplace Motivation

Workplace is an important place in any one’s life as one spends a large portion of his time and energy there. But unfortunately many people have negative attitude towards their workplace. They do not want to be there with all those people surrounding them. Their mind is occupied not by their work but by their desire to escape from there. Certainly, this is not good for the employees or for the employers as business cannot thrive without motivated people. There are some key strategies that can be followed in order to enhance your workplace motivation

Be sincere and frank:

The way you feel heavily depends on the action and speech of the people around you. In the same way your action and speech also affects the lives of people around you. So the best thing for everyone is to be sincere and frank towards everyone else. Backbiting is not a solution. Have the courage to face anyone and talk about anything that comes in your way.

As an employer you should be sincere and give proper feedback to your employees. You should know the specialty of your employees and their weak points too. So at times you should talk to them and tell them how you feel. Similarly, you should listen to their comments too. Make them feel that they are being heard.

Appreciate the efforts:

Nobody wants to work in a place where one’s efforts are not recognized. It is crucial that everyone feels their importance in the workplace as this will keep them motivated towards their work. So a good employer never fails to thank his employees for their good work. You might even offer a beer or a pizza to your employees to show your appreciation. This will have a big impact on them.

Be friendly, not bossy:

Nobody wants to be ordered and being told every time as to what he or she should do. Do not make yourself a dictator figure in front of your employees. Start the day by greeting your employees and with some informal talks. You could ask them about their vacation or how their children are. These friendly notions will relieve a lot of work pressure for the employees thus enabling them to concentrate fully on their work. With a relation like this your employees will understand that you are just doing your duty even if you have to nag sometimes.

Other ways to enhance your workplace motivation are to have a motivational speaker for your employees or have reunions regularly with them. What ever strategy you use, you are the one responsible for keeping your work force motivated and keep the business going on.

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