7 Ways on How to Make Your Company Creative

Creativity calls for commitment. With no commitment, you will slide back to where you have started. Get rid of policies, rules and memos that back creativity. Creativity should not be stifled – it should fly like a bird on wings.

It should be welcomed. It will bloom in the workplace if management let it be known that new ideas (no matter how weird), experimentation and inquiries are encouraged. Personnel should be assured that false starts and failures are more common than flashes of genius.

Here are 7 ways on how to make your company creative:

1. Create a pleasant atmosphere. Creativity prospers in an environment where management and coworkers listen to one another. Exchanges of ideas may give birth to something that the company urgently needs.

2. Encourage personnel to look for fun in their work. A positive attitude toward one’s job is often the very source of what is called the Eureka! Experience or a spark of genius!

3. Make the workplace “a garden where ideas spring up and grow like seeds.” If you are the manager, help the idea grow by “watering” it, so to speak; do not be the first to “uproot” it. Most managers are often the ones who “abort” good ideas that might have proved the lifesavers of the company.

4. Be a good example of the “creative manager.” Do not be afraid to experiment right in front of your personnel; or get embarrassed when you make a mess of it.

5. Mix your employees especially during conference or brainstorming. A mixture of different background, education, attitudes, training and talents is like a cauldron where good ideas are “curdled” and “cooked.”

6. Welcome questions from employees about anything related to the company. It is one way of correcting what they may think or have assumed all along. The truth will set them free – and truth and freedom spur creativity.

7. Remember that some ideas may sound impractical, even weird – on the surface. Creativity theorists all say that a good manager will always ask how he can turn an idea into action, instead of killing it. It could be a very good one.

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